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Date Speaker Title MP3 Outline
100912Bob BuchanonPotential Is A Terrible Thing To Waste
100912Bob BuchanonPreaching The Gospel In South America
100905Edwin CrozierRejoice With Joy
100905Edwin CrozierPraying Like the Psalmists Part 1- We Do Not Have To
100829Edwin CrozierChrists Church is Awesome
100822Edwin CrozierCome See A Church
100822Kyle SandersThe Song Abide With Me
100815Forest McMurrayGods Desire For The Sinful Man
100815Forest McMurrayGod is Worth Our Praise
100808Edwin CrozierLook At God Not The Giants
100808Edwin CrozierGod Works When We Work
100801Dr Buddy PayneThe Argument From Complexity
100801Dr Buddy PayneThis One Thing I Do
100801Dr Buddy PayneThe Fossil Record and the Origin of Man
100731Dr. Buddy PayneWhere Did We Come From?
100731Dr Buddy PayneSignature In the Cell
100725Edwin CrozierGods Job is Perfection Our Job is Progress
100718Edwin CrozierYou Can Make a Difference
100718Edwin CrozierBe Still and Know
100718Edwin CrozierWe Are a Church What Do We Do Now
100711Edwin CrozierCleansed
100711Edwin CrozierWhere isYour Faith
100704Edwin CrozierGive Me Liberty or Give Me Death
100627Bob BuchanonA Look at Ephesians Six
100627Bob BuchanonReport of Philippine Trip
100623Joshua WelchJonah-Real Repentance
100622Joshua WelchThe Sign of the Prophet Jonah
100621Joshua WelchVBS Jonah-Fleeing God
100620Edwin CrozierI Have A Dream
100620Edwin CrozierOut of the Mouths of Children
100613Eric MizellWhat is Your Epitaph?
100613Glenn EldridgeOh My Lord What Shall I Do?
100606Forest McMurrayStanding For God
100606Forest McMurrayAllowing Room for Gods Grace
100523Forrest McMurrayA Higher Standard - Looking Beyond Hypocrisy
100523Forrest McMurrayAbraham's Relationship with God
100516Kyle SandersRunning With Patience
100509Scott SmithThe Faith of Moses
100509Dennis BooneA Pivotal Bible Character - Pontius Pilate
100502Forrest McMurrayA Heart That Is Loyal To The Lord
100502Forrest McMurrayA Plan For Spiritual Success
100425Forrest McMurrayJehovah vs. Baal the God of the Cannanites
100418Dave RobertsI'll Get the Jug - Power to Do the Impossible
100418Gordon WiserThree Things to Put Away
100411Forrest McMurrayInvitation of the Holy Spirit
100411Forrest McMurraySuffering From A Delusion
100404Matthew AllenThe Power Of the Resurrection
100328Forrest McMurray100328 A Friend To Jesus
100328Forrest McMurrayWhy Have You Forsaken Me
100324Max DawsonReserved For You In Heaven - Assurance From Our Inheritance
100323Max DawsonGreat Is Thy Faithfulness Assurance From The Faithfulness Of God
100322Max DawsonA Place Called Good Hope Assurance From The Nature Of Our Hope
100321Max DawsonDealing With Doubt - Assurance From Understanding Perplexing Passages
100321Max DawsonThat You May Know - Assurance From Three Tests Given By God
100321Max DawsonThese He Also Glorified - Assurance From Godís Plan Of Redemption
100314Edwin CrozierWorth A Son
100314Edwin CrozierEverything is Going to be Alright
100307Bob BuchanonBob Buchanon
100307Bob BuchanonBob Buchanon Evagelism Report
100228Kyle SandersRecurrent Sin
100228Matthew AllenBoldness in the Lord
100228Kyle SandersRecurrent Sin
100221Matthew AllenHow to Receive the Word of God
100221Matthew AllenBe Devoted to One Another
100214Matthew AllenCome Now and Let Us Reason Together
100214Matthew AllenWhen is your need for the Lord
100207Nick PetreThe Ultimate Fan
100207Scott SmithThe Way
100131Ralph EldrigeWhat We Owe Our Children
100124Matthew AllenChrist In Our Place
100124Matthew AllenChoosing The Right Attitude
100117Forrest McMurrayPut On the New Self
100110Matthew AllenCourage: Mastering Our Fears
100110Matthew AllenAre You On Gods Team
100103Matthew AllenA Reason for Living
100103Matthew AllenA Matter of Priority
091213Matthew AllenExpressing Appreciation for Older Christians
091122Edwin CrozierVictory In Jesus
091122Edwin CrozierPrayer, The Connection that Calms
091122Edwin CrozierThe Power Of Peace
091120Edwin CrozierThe Promise of Peace
091115Matthew AllenServed By Jesus
091115Matthew AllenJesus Paid It All
091108Matthew AllenWho Do You Thirst For
091108Matthew AllenUnless You Repent
091101Matthew AllenWhat Men design for Evil God Designs for Good
091025Matthew AllenHow Do You Relate To the Father
091025Matthew AllenFilling the Fathers House
091018Matthew AllenWhat Is Your Idol?
091018Matthew AllenIn His Time
091011Ralph EldrigeThe Things That Really Matter
091011Glen EldrigeThe Church
091004Matthew AllenThe Power of Personal Invitation
091004Matthew AllenGod is Always at Work
090927Bob BuchanonShare the Good News by Being the GooD News
090920Matthew AllenA Day of Rejoicing
090920Matthew AllenHeSet His Face.
090914Matthew AllenThe Prodigal King
090914Matthew AllenGods Good Pleasure
090907Matthew AllenTrustworthy Statements in I Timothy
090907Matthew AllenJesus Horn of Salvation
090830Matthew AllenWorship And Its Connection To Teaching
090823Matthew AllenDivinely Revealed Worship
090816Matthew AllenReverencing God In Worship
090816Matthew AllenAttitude Towards False Teachers
090809Matthew AllenNon-Denominational Christianity
090809Matthew AllenWhat Makes A Sound Church
090802Matthew AllenThe Law Of Silence
090802Matthew AllenThe Authority of Scripture
090726Andrew RobertsBuild On The Rock
090726Andrew RobertsCould You Convert Yourself
090719Jim KingQuik to hear,Slow to speak, Slow to anger
090719Nathan PepperJesus: The Master Teacher
090712Matthew AllenOur Faith Journey
090712Matthew AllenHumanism and Its Consequences
090705Matthew AllenGod Teach Us How To Love
090705Matthew AllenHell, The Destiny of the Unbeliever
090627Matthew AllenWe re At War
090627Matthew AllenThe Abundant Mercy of God
090626Ken SilsBotany, Parable of the Sower
090625Ken SilsZoology, A Lesson on Daniel
090624Ken SilsBiology, A Lesson on the 10 Plagues
090623Ken SilsChemistry, A Lesson on the Burning Bush
090622Ken SilsDistictiveness of God's People
090621Matthew AllenRemembering Those Who Are An Example
090621Matthew AllenGod Will Get You Through
090614Matthew AllenPraying for Those We Dislike
090614Matthew AllenPrayer and Forgiveness
090607Matthew AllenPrayer & Tough Decisions
090607Matthew AllenPrayer & Temptation
090531Matthew AllenThe Enormous Power Of Prayer
090524Matthew AllenWhat it means to worship
090524Jim DornWhat Must I Do To Be Saved
090517Matthew AllenHow Scriptural Singing Shapes Our Beliefs
090517Matthew AllenWhich Songs Should We Sing
090511Matthew AllenThe Power of Singing
090510Matthew AllenWhy We Sing A Cappella (2)
090503Matthew AllenWhy We Sing Acappella(1)
090503Matthew AllenThe Purpose of New Testament Singing
090429Colin SmithThe Seasons of Life
090426Matthew AllenThe Distinctiveness of Gods People
090419Matthew AllenA Fire In Your Lap
090419Matthew AllenBuillding Relationships-Better Communication
090412Matthew AllenA Story of Betrayal, Judas
090412Matthew AllenThe Power of the Resurrection
090405Nick PetreA Hope that Does Not Disappoint
090405Dick RobertsSinging, More Than Just a Command
090329Matthew AllenMalachi God's Messenger
090322Matthew AllenPerils In an Unrighteous Society
090322Matthew AllenThe Judgment of God
090320Lowell SalleeWhy Do Bad Things Happen to Good People
090319Lowell SalleeEncouragement To Remain Faithful
090318Lowell SalleeAre We Really Good Parents
090317Lowell SalleeGod's Plan for the home
090316Lowell SalleeSexual Immorality
090315Lowell SalleeCommunication with God
090315Lowell SalleeGod Will Provide
090315Lowell SalleeGiving and Receiving Comfort From the Brethren
090308Matthew AllenApathy Leads To Destruction
090308Matthew AllenThe Magnificent Love Of God
090301Matthew AllenTrue Repentenance
090301Matthew AllenPride and Arrogance
090222Colin SmithDesire
090222Matthew AllenIts Not About Us
090215Greg ShawJonah, Keeping Priorities Straight
090215Scott SmithA Man Called Naboth
090208Matthew AllenThe Godly Life
090201Matthew AllenBe of Good Cheer
090201Matthew AllenJudgment Day
090125Matthew AllenShow Me Dont tell Me
090125Rick Green JrTrusting in God
090118Matthew AllenA Nation That Has Forgotten God(2)
090118Matthew AllenA Nation That Has Forgotten God(1)
090111Matthew Allen3 Important Passages On Congregational Unity
090111Matthew AllenUnity in Mission
090104Matthew AllenCoping With a Faith Crisis
090104Matthew AllenUnity: Oneness in Christ
081228Matthew AllenRight in Front of You
081228Matthew AllenGod Wants us to Join with Him
081221Matthew AllenBeing Righteous in an Unrighteous Society
081221Matthew AllenJesus' Definition of a Righteous Person
081214Matthew AllenAppoinment of Elders
081214Matthew AllenGod's Help in Elder Selection
081207Matthew AllenWhat Life's About
081207Matthew AllenThe Man Called Legion
081130Scott Smith Where Do I Fit
081121Dee BowmanGod loves the little people
081120Dee BowmanLooking to Jesus, Author and Finisher of our Faith
081119Dee BowmanConfidence in the Lord
081118Dee BowmanThe Prodigal Son
081117Dee Bowman Things God Has Give Us
081116Dee BowmanAttitude
081116Dee BowmanGod's Word is for People
081116Dee BowmanA New Appreciation of an Old Passage II Timothy 3, 16-17
081109Matthew AllenA Note to Everyone in Christ
081109Matthew AllenA Joyful Sound
081102Matthew Allen4 Things that Build Unity
081102Matthew AllenHonoring Our Deacons
081026Matthew AllenReligion In The Voting Booth
081026Matthew AllenA Faith That Spans Generations
081019Matthew AllenBiblical Leaders for Today 3
081019Matthew AllenBiblical Leaders for Today 4
081012Matthew AllenBiblical Leaders for Today 1
081012Matthew AllenBiblical Leaders for Today 2
081005Matthew AllenValues to Build a Family On
081005Matthew AllenThe Church at Pergamum
080928Matthew AllenCan There Be Any Hope For Me
080928Matthew AllenQualifications for Wives & Families
080921Matthew AllenCharacter Qualification for Deacons
080921Matthew AllenThe Chuch at Smyrna
080914Matthew AllenExamining Men for Service
080914Matthew AllenThe Chuch at Ephesus
080907Matthew Allen080907 PM The Faith to Chage 2
080907Matthew Allen080907 AM The Faith to Chage 1
080831Matthew Allen080831 AM Let the Church Be the Church
080824Matthew AllenJesus Christ The Foundation of Christian Faithfulness
080824Nathan PepperOur Communication
080817Matthew AllenDoes God Accept Imperfections
080810Matthew Allen080810 AM Obedience A Broader Perspective
080810Matthew AllenThe Christian and Oaths
080803Matthew AllenObedience A Better Perspective
080803Matthew AllenThe Importance of Character
080727Matthew AllenYou Have Been Invited
080727Matthew AllenFear and Awe
080720Matthew AllenGetting Through the Wilderness
080713God's Work in Our World
080713Matthew AllenThe Brevity of Life
080706Matthew AllenThe Power Of Hope
080706Matthew AllenLooking For the Lie
080629Matthew AllenPress On!
080622 AMMatthew AllenLoving Our Enemies
080622Matthew AllenTraining Thyself
080615Matthew AllenI Will Remember Those Who Helped Me
080615Matthew AllenCooling Covetousness
080608Matthew AllenTearing Down or Building Up
080608Matthew AllenBridling Our Tongue
080601Matthew AllenAn Active Faith
080601Nathan PepperConfronting Family Bitterness
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